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The Comprehensive Planning Process

There is a lot of complexity when you're trying to fit all the pieces of your financial puzzle together.  Having Modern Cents walk you through that journey can help to set your mind at ease with respect to your most pressing concerns, educate you on all matters related to your financial picture, and give you the confidence to make decisions regarding your finances as you move forward.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning engagement is a six-step process, throughout which we cover all aspects of your unique financial situation.  



































Our discovery process involves a web-based, in depth quantitative data dive, followed by a qualitative conversation to best understand your planning priorities and needs.

Business Discussion



After our analysis is complete, we will engage in thorough discussions of our findings. We will provide you with financial education where needed, and assist you in making decisions on key issues.

Inspecting a Ring



A thorough deep dive of your current financial picture will be undertaken, to ensure suitable options and recommendations are made in our following discussions.  We will interact when needed via Asana.




We will assist you in creating a timeline of 'to-do's, involving other professionals if and when needed. This is critical to ensure you are successful in following through with the recommended options.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive planning is ideal if you are struggling to make financial decisions on a holistic level, and would like a complete integrated analysis of your entire financial picture.

Included in your Comprehensive Planning Engagement:

Onboarding - Data and discovery process using Sidedrawer for secure document upload and sharing

Discovery Meeting - We review your goals and objectives, personal money biases and a personalized Asset Map

3 Hour Long Financial Planning Sessions - Detailed financial planning recommendation sessions, education and analyses discussed and provided to you through a series of planning calls

Final wrap up call (30 min)
Ongoing Implementation of the plan via Asana both throughout the engagement and afterwards

Individuals: $1999 + HST onboarding, $175/month + HST after 3 months

Couples: $2499 + HST onboarding, $250/month + HST after 3 months

Specialty Add-Ons


Cross Border Complexity

You have accumulated wealth and pensions in both the US and Canada, and would like to know how to integrate them in a cohesive manner. 

Or perhaps, you're a US citizen living in Canada trying to navigate the complexities of your investments and retirement planning.

*For Canadian residents only.

+$1,000 to comprehensive engagement cost

Small Business Owner

Small Businesses & Professionals

Perhaps you own a small business or are an incorporated professional.


Integrating your corporate and personal wealth isn't easy.  Ensuring that you have a solid tax efficient game plan for the short and long term is of keen interest to you. 

+$1,000 to comprehensive engagement cost


Modern Technology

The use of technology is an integral part of our planning process.  We use various pieces of software to help illustrate concepts, further your financial literacy and provide our recommendations.  Here are some of the tools that we use throughout our engagements.

Asset Map

Integrated into the Discovery phase of every comprehensive engagement (click here for sample asset map).
Sidedrawer summary


Data security is of utmost importance to us.  When we collect your personal information and documentation, we use Sidedrawer as a collaborative digital vault designed for efficientcy & privacy. You also get to use this vault for personal document storage and sharing with your external professionals, family and other  required individuals. 


Planworth Sample Financial Insights


Our retirement and long term planning projection software.  How you define your goals and how likely you are to achieve them can be modelled and forecasted using our client friendly software.  



A detailed look at your holistic investment asset allocation.  This allows us to see all of your accounts and holdings in one place, and gives you a Scorecard to assess your risks across 6 different dimensions in more detail.




Do you feel like you make a good living, but you're not sure where all of your money goes? Discover easy-to-follow strategies to free up cash flow by creating a Winton account through Modern Cents.

As part of our comprehensive engagement, we will create and implement cash flow strategies to improve your day to day money management. 


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