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We believe in something we have termed "Adaptive Financial Planning" ,instead of the traditional building 'a financial plan'.  Those old dusty financial plans (or projections) end up in a (virtual) drawer somewhere, as they can be overwhelming and often hard to digest in one sitting.  Because of that, our services approach planning as a series of mini-projects to be done in bite-sized pieces. Our clients have greater success when they have one thing to focus on and complete, instead of ten.

Ultimately, we believe that trust in a financial professional is built over time, which leads to a more fullsome relationship and better outcomes for you.  Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with those who aim to or continue to proactively plan their finances throughout their lifetimes, in a comfortable and easy manner.

Areas of specialization

We are happy to chat with anyone to see if there is a fit between us, and if there isn't, we can refer you to someone who might be a better fit!

Our US/Canada Cross Border Specialties include:


  • General cross border financial planning (US/CAN)

  • Retirement income planning (accounts and pensions in the US and Canada)

  • Financial repatriation from the US to Canada

  • Technology employees crossing the border from the US to Canada

  • Investing for a US tax filer living in Canada


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