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  • What is an 'advice only' financial planner?
    An advice-only financial planner is paid for only by you. As we don't sell any products, we aren't compensated by any external company or provider, such as an insurance company or investment provider. We believe that this best aligns our interests and ensures you get transparent, unbiased advice. You can find us online at: Steadyhand Advice Only Planner Directory The Value of Simple - Directory of Fee-Only Planners
  • How can I trust you?
    Great question! With any relationship, trust is built over time. It is the goal of Modern Cents to build a partnership with you so that we can develop a trusting, long term working relationship together. Perhaps start with a project-based relationship, to see if there is a fit for your needs. Also, we encourage you to thoroughly vet any financial professional that you are seeking to work with before entering into a partnership with them. Please feel free to use our complimentary financial consultation call to get a better comfort level with us. As well, we are happy to provide references from other clients if requested.
  • How do you work with my existing financial advisors?
    Most financial planning requires coordination with a team of professionals. We think of ourselves as a financial quarterback or personal CFO. It is our goal to integrate with any financial relationships that are ongoing for you. When you have a team working with you, it will only go to serve you better in the long run. We are happy to have conversations with your accountant, lawyer or investment advisor to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that our recommendations can be implemented appropriately, when needed.
  • How do you meet with clients?
    We are a 100% virtual company. We will meet with you over Google Meet for all planning meetings, to ensure we get the 'face to face' feeling, as well as the ability for us to share our screen with you. Also, by not having to maintain a physical location, we can keep costs down for our clients - passing the cost savings onto you. If you have a preferred service that you are subscribed to and would prefer to use, please contact us to set up a meeting directly.
  • Do I need to have a certain portfolio size to work with you?
    We work with anyone! As an advice-only planning firm, we are agnostic as to income, assets and portfolio size. These are not important metrics for us to take on clients.
  • I live in the US but have Canadian assets. Can you work with me?
    Unfortunately we are only set up to work with Canadian residents who may have US ties. However, we do have US advice-only planners that we can refer you to and collaborate with.


Image by Lexy Lammerink
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