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A simplified and accessible advice-only financial planning experience.

The mission is simple...


Professional financial planning guidance, with accessible pricing.  No product sales or investment management fees.  Lets get you on the road to long term financial success!

Open and compassionate approach.

Fair and transparent pricing.

Taking Bay Street education to the masses.

Welcome to Modern Cents!

What is advice-only financial planning?

The future of traditional financial advice.

In its truest sense, an advice only financial planner provides comprehensive financial planning in a fiduciary capacity, and aims to avoid and reduce conflicts of interest.  Advice only planners are compensated ONLY by the client, via direct fees.  There are no product sales, commissions, referral fees or kickbacks.  You can be sure that the advice you receive is in your best interests, as you are the only one footing the bill.

If an advisor offers a financial plan for a fee but also offers life insurance, investment management or mortgage sales, they are 'fee for service' financial planners.  This means they can be compensated from more than one source.

Reducing Conflicts of Interest

Charging only for our advice aims to avoid and reduce any conflicts of interest that result when an advisor's compensation is based on selling products, receiving commissions, or fee-based investment management.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

Advice-only financial planners are committed to act in your best interests, at all times.  Since you're the only one who pays us, we remain unbiased and can truly provide you the best advice, for you.

Empowering your Investing

Advice-only planners can work on investment planning with you, without taking custody of your accounts.  Unlike most traditional advisors, we don't require you to move your money to a custodian as we don't manage assets.

Transparent Pricing

The client is our ONLY source of compensation. There are no hidden fees, product-based commissions, or expensive investment funds. You'll know exactly what you're paying us.  It's on our website!

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