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Your Unconventional Life podcast


The Mission

"Your Unconventional Life" is a new dynamic and innovative financial planning podcast hosted by Andrea Thompson, founder of Modern Cents. The show boldly challenges conventional financial wisdom by exploring alternative approaches to financial planning rarely covered in traditional media. Each episode will feature an interview with individuals who have pursued unconventional life and financial planning strategies such as COAST FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early with a Coast), the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, and the decision to forgo real estate investments, and those in the gig economy.

What sets this podcast apart is its unique format, featuring captivating interviews with individuals who share their personal journeys of financial adaptation. Through compelling storytelling, guests provide valuable insights into their unconventional lives and the financial strategies they've employed to achieve success. These interviews not only humanize financial decisions but also inspire listeners to consider unconventional paths in their own financial planning.

"Your Unconventional Life" is a beacon for those seeking financial freedom beyond the traditional norms. By showcasing real-life examples of individuals who have thrived outside the mainstream financial playbook, the podcast empowers listeners to think creatively about their own financial futures. 

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