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Retirement Planning

Are you within 10 years of retirement, or have you recently retired?

Are you looking for a better strategy that goes beyond the basic modelling that you may have seen from online calculators or basic retirement plans offered by banks?

Within 10 years of retirement, you might be asking...

Do I have enough to retire?

Can I retire earlier than I want to?  Or do I have to work longer or part time?

How much can I spend at retirement given current savings and pensions?

Within a few years of retirement, you might ALSO be asking...

Where do I begin to draw my retirement income from?

When should I start taking my pension income (CPP, OAS, Social Security, private pensions)?

Do I need to do anything different with my investment portfolio?

Should I be considering annuities?

When do I need to convert my RRSP to a RIF, or my LIRA to a LIF?

How do I integrate my US sourced investments into my Canadian retirement plan?

At or after retirement, you may be asking...

Am I at risk of triggering OAS clawback?

What can I do to ensure that my retirement income is sustainable throughout my lifetime?

Are my assets appropriately allocated for decumulation?

What is the impact of my retirement income plan on my estate plan?

Is my retirement plan tax efficient?  Am I taking advantage of income splitting opportunities?

Let Modern Cents help build out your optimal retirement plan.  

Our retirement planning service includes:

  • A discovery call to understand your retirement objectives, and two meetings thereafter to review the details and recommendations made within your retirement plan

  • "Live" planning - we can make alterations to your planning parameters during our meetings, saving time and allowing you to see real time results of any adjustments made

  • A detailed retirement plan with actionable items and implementation steps


$1,900 + HST for Domestic Individual Clients;

$2,500 + HST for Domestic Coupled Clients;

additional $1,000 for Cross Border or Small Business Complexity


Cross Border Complexity

You have accumulated wealth and pensions in both the US and Canada, and would like to know how to integrate them into a proper retirement plan.

*For Canadian residents only.

+$1,000 to base cost

Small Business Owner

Small Businesses & Professionals

Integrating your corporate and personal wealth isn't easy.  Ensuring that you have a plan for decumulation including your corporate assets is essential for any small business owner.

+$1,000 to base cost

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