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Get your Financial House in Order!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

You're busy on the weekends - grocery shopping, home repairs, lawn mowing, kid minding. Have you thought about how to tidy up your own financial house as part of your 'to do' list? Here are some suggestions for how you can improve your cash flow and tidy up unwanted bills.

The Roof - Protect Your Future

  • Review your life insurance options from your group benefits and personal policies; are they sufficient for your current insurance needs?

  • Brush off your estate planning documents - are your wills and powers of attorney up to date?

The Kids Room

  • Have you topped up your RESP contributions to $2,500 per child this year, to maximize the match from the government?

  • Review your monthly bills with your children so they can better understand the value of a dollar.

The Bedroom

  • Clean out your closets instead of buying new clothes - what items have you not worn for a while and can purge?

  • Create a clothing drive for the holiday season instead of buying new, unneeded items.

The Medicine Cabinet

  • Review your health and disability insurance plans - are you adequately covered?

  • Check your balances on your paramedical benefits - do you have a plan to use them on a consistent basis?

The Kitchen

  • Plan a 'gap day' between big meals to use up leftovers.

  • Plan your bulk shopping ahead of time - meal planning on weekends can reduce food waste and ensure you have only what you need.

  • To cut down on last minute Uber Eats and fast food costs, set a regular 'out' day every week or month as a treat, instead of a regular expense.

The Living Room

  • Review your monthly subscriptions - are you still using them all? Cancel any unused ones.

  • Do you really need that expensive cable package?

  • Review monthly spending on cell phone expenses / apps and set a budget for the family.

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